VIZIKLIK - Visual Click Track / Metronome for iOS/iPhone

Never struggle to hear the click over an instrument again!
VIZIKLIK's vivid "visual click" is easily seen, even within your peripheral vision.

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  • microphone and VIZIKLIK

    21st Century Timekeeping

    VIZIKLIK's vivid visuals combine with optional audio to convey the tempo pulse in a way you've never experienced before. While recording, practicing or performing, you can concentrate on the sound of your instrument, not the sound of the click. Make the audio silent or as quiet or as you want, knowing you can still visually pick up the pulse, including the current beat number or measure number if desired.

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    Save Your Hearing and Your Money!

    VIZIKLIK frees you from expensive in-ear monitor systems and deafening click volumes! You can even experiment and ignore the click for more organic playing, checking in periodically on your tempo—try ignoring a conventional click blasting at your eardrums!
    Feel that downbeat arrive with the twist feature (enabled with Beat Display and Measure Display modes), or enjoy the freedom to divide time however you like in default (numberless) mode. VIZIKLIK is a drummer's dream click!

    Get 21st Century Timekeeping at a limited-time price.
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  • Device support iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
    Dedicated hardware device planned.
    Tempo display Visually loud inverting pattern that changes state and holds with each beat
    Tempo range 40.0 bpm to 240.0 bpm
    Tempo accuracy Mapped and continually tested against processor clock for maximum accuracy
    Beats per measure range (time signature) 1 through 16 beats per measure
    E.g. 4 beats per measure = 4/4 time
    E.g. 7 beats per measure = 7/4 time
    Tap tempo feature Tap between 2 and 8 taps. Playback begins automatically and in sync with your taps. Tapped tempos out of range are automatically halved/doubled.
    Display modes Default Display, Beat Display, Measure Display, Night Mode, Night Mode & Beat Display, Night Mode & Measure Display
    Twist modes (enabled during Beat and Measure Display Modes) 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, None
    (Pattern twists towards downbeat from last beat in measure)
    Tempo preset modes 25 onscreen presets, 30 onscreen presets
    User-assignable function choices for tempo display area Start/Stop, Tap Tempo, Tempo Presets, Measure Reset, Tempo -/+, None
    Disable auto-lock/screen dimming modes During playback only, Always
    Retina display supported Yes, for iPod and iPhone
    Version 1.2 (released November 28th 2012)

Get these great features at a limited-time price!
Download VIZIKLIK today from the App Store.

Simplefire Design Inc.

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  • Located in Toronto, Canada
  • Passionate & Musical
  • Experienced and Experimental

By musicians for musicians

We developed VIZIKLIK to fill a void in the visual metronome market by conveying a pulse so vividly that it can be seen within one's peripheral vision. So, for example, a drummer can watch bandmates or look out into an audience and still perceive the pulse.

VIZIKLIK's stark, inverting checker pattern was previously available in a successful Palm OS metronome, and has been patented with the intent of one day producing a low-cost, clip-on hardware version.

Our founder, musician and new media professional Gary Duke, suffered for many years from tinnitus- a constant ringing in the ears. Seeking a way to encourage other drummers to protect their hearing and wear earplugs, while avoiding loud clicks/metronomes, the vivid visual tempo pulse was borne out of necessity.

We hope you will add VIZIKLIK to your musical bag-of-tricks and enjoy never straining to hear the click again!

Get 21st Century Timekeeping at a limited-time price.
Download VIZIKLIK today from the App Store!

Version History

VIZIKLIK 1.2 November 28th 2012

  • NewTap Tempo feature now accepts less than 8 taps (right down to 2 taps), among other usability enhancements. Enjoy!

VIZIKLIK 1.0 October 16th 2012

Initial release.

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